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Additional 40 Gallons of Foam Solution

Additional 40 Gallons of Foam Solution

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Additional Foam Solution - 40 Gallons

Keep the bubbly fun going with our Additional 40 Gallons of Foam Solution, the perfect add-on to extend your Foam Party Extravaganza! Whether you're looking to add another hour or two of frothy enjoyment, this extra batch of our premium, eco-friendly foam solution ensures that the laughter and joy don't stop.

Crafted with safety and the environment in mind, our hypoallergenic foam solution is ideal for guests of all ages, offering more fun without compromising on safety. This additional 40 gallons seamlessly integrates with our Foam Party setups, ensuring a continuous flow of gentle, skin-friendly bubbles that will keep your party alive and kicking.

Don't let the party fade too soon! Add this essential extra to your booking and guarantee your guests up to two more hours of unforgettable fun. Perfect for extending celebrations or just ensuring there's plenty of foamy fun to go around, this additional foam solution is a must-have for any event looking to make a splash!

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