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All About Operation Jump

There aren't as many things that are as frustrating as attending a boring party.

Operation Jump understands this better than anybody.

As a party equipment rental business, we aim to not just make planning parties for you easier but we also make sure that the guests attending the event actually have a good time being there.

So whether it's your little one's birthday, a corporate event, or if you are looking to add some fun flare to YOUR event, Operation Jump is at your service.

We've all been to parties where we barely get to see the host because they are so busy running around doing things. Operation Jump feels very strongly about this and believes that as the rightful host of your own party, you deserve to actually sit down, "Have your cake and eat it too!"

Let us do all the running around for you!
Affordable, fun and efficient, Operation Jump will set up the perfect fun party for you and wrap it up for you too!
Our clients are the best part about us. Having worked with quite a few of them by now, we can easily say that the visions of our clients are what makes our company a success. We are forever in debt to our clients for the trust they put in us and the feedback they provide.
As a small token of thanks, we offer 10% off to all veterans and active duty members. Just enter the coupon code DD214 at check out, and have your proof of service available upon delivery.

We have the perfect party ready.
In cases where our clients don't know what it is that they want to have at their party, we are full of ideas and suggestions regarding that too.

Operation Jump is here to help.

About Us:
You know what's the coolest thing about a business being run by Veterans? You get to see the same values and dedications in their business for which the forces are known for.

Meet the members of Operation Jump:

Shannon West and Chris West
Chris brings the best of his Army core values: Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity, and Personal Courage. Whereas Shannon operates the office and personnel. Chris has also had over a decade worth of experience as a successful business owner.

The strong values of these two paired with their experience in other professional fields are exactly the things that make Operation Jump stand out as compared to its competitors.

Operation Jump's staff work exceedingly well together and are always furthering their education. They combine the best of their abilities, and through Operation Jump they spread smiles on all the faces they come across with. Since both, Chris and Shannon are married and with kids they know all too well just how important it is for children to grow up with happy childhood memories. The only thing better than that is to be a part of this process of making happy childhood memories! And this is exactly what the mission behind Operation Jump is. Helping parents and businesses to throw amazing parties complete with bounce houses from small to giant,, concession machines, obstacle courses, interactive games, outdoor air conditioners, outdoor theaters and more! Operation Jump intends to give these children great memories that they will remember for a lifetime.

Member Pledge:
Ethics is an important part of Operation Jump. The trust the clients put into Operation Jump means the world to us. Have a look at our Safety Pledge through S.I.O.T.O., who train and certify inflatable operators on safety. You may also view their website to verify lawful operators and levels of training for safety.

As a member of S.I.O.T.O., I take it upon myself to conduct my business in such a manner as to promote the safety of each and every participant, operator, or employee who may utilize my inflatables for any reason. I accept the creed of Safety Always and will endeavor to abide by this creed at all times when conducting my business. I place safe operations above all else.